ITN - The first 50 years Cath ZJ: 'Douglas is my real life Zorro'

Cath ZJ: 'Douglas is my real life Zorro'

7.07PM, Mon Jan 16 2006

After five years of marriage and two children together, Catherine Zeta Jones and hubby Michael Douglas are as loved up as ever.

In Japan promoting the Legend of Zorro, Cath was asked if she had a Zorro of her own in real life.

The actress shot back quickly with a smile: "Who do you think? Michael Douglas."

And denying age difference is an issue between the couple, the actress continued: "We are not fighting or competing for attention or celebridom.

"We share with each other a profession, but we are not consumed by it because we are pretty much consumed by each other and our children.

"So I think the the age difference works terrific for us," she said.

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