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Catherine Zeta-Jones
Fresh face: Catherine Zeta-Jones CLICK IMAGE to see how she looked in 2000

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Look who's forgotten her lines
By Clemmie Moodie, Daily Mail
18 January 2006

For centuries, mankind has been searching for the secret of eternal youth. Now Catherine Zeta-Jones seems to have found it.

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At the premiere of her latest film, the 36-year-old actress looked remarkably fresh-faced - especially compared with her appearance several years ago.

Back in 1999, as she publicised the movie Entrapment alongside Sir Sean Connery, the then 29-year-old showed four deep wrinkles to the side of each eye as she smiled, and further folds in the skin under each eye.

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But as she broke into a smile at the premiere of The Legend Of Zorro in Tokyo yesterday, those lines had miraculously vanished.

An onlooker said: 'Catherine looked incredibly youthful. Her hair was sleek and glossy and her complexion was flawless.

'But the most startling transformation was in the area where one would expect to see crow's feet. Instead of deep creases, the skin around her eyes was totally wrinkle-free. Perhaps she just had superbly applied make-up, but whatever the explanation, she looked more like a teenager.'

Last night plastic surgeon Dr Lucy Glancey said the Welsh actress may have had a little help.

She said: 'First off, Catherine looks as if she has had Botox to remove the crow's feet.

'She also looks to have had a socalled tear trough procedure, which is basically a filler that is injected into the bone. It is a specialised procedure costing up to £600 and is used to correct the hollow area around the eyes, something Botox cannot do. The actual texture of Catherine's skin has probably also been improved through a form of volumising augmentation.

'I don't think she has had any surgical procedures, however, because an eye lift would change the shape of her eyes and that is not the case here.'

Four years ago Miss Zeta-Jones reportedly had an eye lift because she was concerned about fine wrinkles. Those claims were denied.

Her husband, 61-year- old Michael Douglas, is also thought to have had a face lift more recently. Last year, when the couple holidayed in Barbados, the Fatal Attraction star was seen with two bleeding scars in front of both ears.

His publicist denied surgery, insisting the actor had had benign lesions removed from his face.

Later that week he also appeared on the beach displaying a newly toned physique, prompting speculation that he had also undergone liposuction and a possible tummy tuck.

Six years ago Douglas reportedly paid £7,000 to 'freshen up' his features with a face and eye lift before marrying Miss Zeta-Jones, who is 25 years his junior.

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