Zeta-Jones and Clooney voted best-tressed

Catherine Zeta-Jones' dark mane earned top honors in Sally Beauty's 12th annual "Best Tressed" survey.

George Clooney came out ahead of Antonio Banderas and Matthew McConaughey in the men's category.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Which celebrities have the most terrible tresses? Whose locks are loveliest? The American public identified the hautest and most horrific hairstyles of 2005 in the 12th annual "Best Tressed" survey conducted by Sally Beauty and Harris Interactive.

In the poll of 1,028 U.S. adults, Catherine Zeta-Jones was voted the female celebrity with the best hair, followed by Tyra Banks and Eva Longoria. George Clooney ranked highest among male celebrities, with Antonio Banderas and Matthew McConaughey in second and third.

Britney Spears, followed by Diana Ross and Lil' Kim, rated the worst hairstyles among female celebrities. Donald Trump won the distinction among men, trailed by Snoop Dogg and Prince Charles.


Peroxide packs a powerful punch, and "worst bottle blonde" honors for celebs went to Anna Nicole Smith and Hulk Hogan. Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera rounded out the top three among female stars, with Brad Pitt and Billy Idol ranking second and third among men.

When pollsters asked voters about their own hairstyling habits, 31 percent reported visiting a hair salon every five weeks or more often, and 45 percent said they change their hairstyle about every five years.

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