Entertainment News Monday February 13th, 2006  
Casting Couch: Ledger, Clarkson, McClure
Posted:   Monday February 13th, 2006 1:27am
Source:   Assorted Sources
Author:   Garth Franklin
"Heath Ledger is rumoured to be playing famously closeted actor Rock Hudson in a film that shows his relationship with his secretary, Phyllis Gates. Gates, who apparently died about a month ago, claimed that she had no idea Hudson was gay. She later claimed their marriage was a publicity stunt. This would mark Ledger's third gay role ("Brokeback Mountain" and TV's "Sweat" being the first two)..." (full details)

Patricia Clarkson has been set to join Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart in "Mostly Martha," the Scott Hicks-directed remake of the 2001 German film. Clarkson will play the owner of a restaurant whose beautiful but fragile chef (Zeta-Jones) cooks up a romance with an eccentric sous chef (Eckhart). Carol Fuchs adapted the original film, which Sandra Nettlebeck wrote and directed..." (full details)

Shyann McClure Welch's Grape Juice newest spokes kid is picked to play Sandra Bullock and Julian McMahon's youngest daughter in the upcoming movie Premonition. The movies revolves around a woman (Bullock) who has a premonition that her husband will die in a car crash and sets out to prevent it. The movie is currently in-production in Shreveport, Louisiana.
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