Tuesday, Feb 28, 2006
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Posted on Fri, Feb. 17, 2006

Top Rentals

1. Flightplan ** ('05, PG-13) Jodie Foster should have been flying high in this missing-daughter thriller. Too bad the script wasn't ready for takeoff.

*2. The Legend of Zorro ('05, PG) Note to studio execs: Zorro is played out. We've moved on to lightsabers. Not even costar Catherine Zeta-Jones swashes our buckle in this retread.

*3. In Her Shoes ('05, PG-13) Two sisters (Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette) play really rough, fighting over shoes and sex, until a long-lost grandma (Shirley MacLaine) kisses their boo-boos and makes it all better.

*4. Corpse Bride('05, PG) Another odd, but engrossing, Tim Burton-Johnny Depp creation. It's no Nightmare, but Burton's story gets going in a hurry with his use of stop-motion animation once again.

5. Lord of War **1/2 ('05, R) Sorry, but Nicolas Cage hasn't been a believable bad guy since Kiss of Death. The lack of a cohesive story has him shooting more blanks here.

6. Wedding Crashers ***('05, R)Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are the party animals no one invited in this hilarious film about guys who sneak into weddings.

7. The Fog** ('05, PG-13) Coastal townsfolk battle dark forces inside a fog that has descended on them. Tom Welling and Maggie Grace star.

8. Two for the Money **1/2('05, R) Al Pacino costars with another young buck (Matthew McConaughey). This time, bookmaking is the theme. Odds are against your being overly impressed.

9. Red Eye ***('05, PG-13) Wes Craven's in-flight movie offers a turbulent ride with suspense. Please keep seat belts fastened.

10. The Man ** ('05, PG-13) Samuel L. Jackson plays another hard guy, with Eugene Levy as another oaf. The pair search for a killer. Viewers will search for another DVD.

- Rob Watson

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