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Zeta-Douglas nuptials almost nixed over his tuxedo!

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Posted on 06 Mar 2006 # ANI Post your comment

Zeta-Douglas nuptials almost nixed over his tuxedo!

Washington: “Old is Gold”. Well! while actress Catherine Zeta Jones may have undisputingly abided by this adage while choosing actor Michael Douglas, who is 25 years elder to her, as her hubby, she certainly had objections when the ageing heart-throb chose to wear an old outfit for their wedding.

On discovering that Douglas, instead of splashing out on a new suit, had selected to walk down the aisle in a suit he had worn in “A Perfect Murder”, two years previously, the Welsh actress almost died a thousand deaths, as she feared the costume had picked up the dark “vibes” of the 1998 thriller.

And to top it all, the offending tuxedo was too tight for the veteran actor.

The bride-to-be then insisted her future groom to change his wedding suit just three days before they exchanged vows as a man and wife.

“I said three days before we got married, 'Do you have a tuxedo?' and he said breezily, 'Yeah, I'm going to wear the one I wore in A Perfect Murder.' “I said, 'No, you're not. I'm sorry, that's a bad vibe right there,” Contactmusic quoted the actress, as saying.

“He tried it on and it was two inches too small. I would have died. I would have walked back up the aisle. We had to find a new one,” she added.

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