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Zeta Jones adds a little garnish

Catherine Zeta Jones reportedly took her latest role so seriously she went undercover as a chef in a New York restaurant.

The Welsh actress spent a week sauteing and chopping in the kitchen of Manhattan's Fiamma and is a "great garnisher", boss Michael White told People magazine.

And she even made a cameo appearance as a waitress one evening, without diners cottoning on to who she really was.

Oscar-winner Zeta Jones indulged in the method acting at the Italian eaterie to prepare for her part in the romance Mostly Martha.

"She's been doing a lot in the kitchen - sauteing and cutting," chef White told the magazine.

"She's a great garnisher. Drizzling oil and balsamic on plates - she does a nice job."

Another employee said: "One night she did a little serving.

"A few people said to her, 'You look so much like Catherine Zeta Jones.'

"And she said, 'Oh, I get that all the time'."

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