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Hubby Doesn't Get Fashion, Says Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-JonesCatherine Zeta-Jones is embarrassed to bring husband Michael Douglas shopping because he doesn't understand fashion. Although Douglas admired his wife's swelling body during pregnancy, he has little time for her ever-expanding wardrobe. And the Welsh actress admits his terse comments make her life a little uncomfortable.

She says, "Michael still can't understand. 'How many black dresses does one woman need? It's a black dress.' 'It's a different black dress. This is a Dolce dress.' 'But they're still black dresses.' 'It doesn't matter.'"

She added, "He just loved me when I was pregnant. All men say that and I didn't believe him, I was, 'Oh come on.' Maybe the breasts. OK, loving the breasts, but don't look below. He's very good at compliments and very good at going, 'I can't stand it.' Especially when the designer is standing in the room. Which gets a little embarrassing."

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