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Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Apparently, Catherine Zeta-Jones is a great "garnisher".

We all know that she's gorgeous, wealthy and successful in an acting stylee - but it seems our Cath is also a bit of a wizz at drizzling.

Drizzling oil, you understand.

To get in some practice - in a method acting mode - for a new role, Ms CZJ donned a pinny and took orders from customers in a restaurant.

And what we love even more than the fact that Wales' best export turned herself into a waitress, is the fact that she even managed to convince punters that she wasn't herself.

A very glam waitress

A very glam waitress

"A few people said to her, 'You look so much like Catherine Zeta-Jones.' And she said, 'Oh, I get that all the time,'" People magazine reports a member of staff at Fiamma restaurant as saying.

The magazine goes on to quote the eaterie's boss, Michael White, as bigging up Cath's culinary skills:

"She's been doing a lot in the kitchen - sauteing and cutting. She's a great garnisher. Drizzling oil and balsamic on plates - she does a nice job."

Good to know that Cath will never be out of work.

Last Updated: 12:19 UK, Friday March 10, 2006