Even Michael Douglas Has Doubts about Brangelina

E_MichaelDouglasCZJ_136.jpgWhen it comes to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's love saga, everyone is a critic -- even Michael Douglas, who apparently wears a "Team Aniston" shirt.

Even though Jennifer Aniston is tired of people feeling sorry for her, Michael shows her some sympathy in a new interview in GQ.

"I don't know about Brad Pitt, leaving that beautiful woman [Jennifer Aniston] to go hold orphans for Angelina [Jolie]," mused Michael. "I mean how long is that going to last?"

And that's not the only Hollywood couple Catherine Zeta-Jones's hubby weighs in on.

"You learn to respect something of value and nurture it and treat it well," Michael says of his marriage. "I mean, don't ask me what happened with Renee Zellweger [and her short-lived husband Kenny Chesney]. I don't know how you get married for four months. And Julia [Roberts] with Lyle [Lovett]. There must be some incredible things you find out one night. I mean, I don't know."

Mind you, this all comes from a guy who reportedly has a clause in his prenup with CZ-J which guarantees her more money if he cheats on her. And I won't even get into all the sex addict rumors... Should he really be giving relationship advice?

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Michael should just shut his mouth up. His thunder was stolen from him in the past World Economic forum in Davos last Jan. No media press gave him any coverage for his "humantarian time and effort" He is such a sour pu**.

he has his time and it's now over . He should just be content rolling ball to his children and recovering for the numerous face life and plastic surgery .

Posted by Sour Grape Michael on March 13 at 11:15am

Michael's been out of the press so long, he had to come up with some crap about other people to be heard from.

Posted by Jackie on March 13 at 11:47am

Micheal Douglas, an aging 'has been star', with upteen facelifts, had to marry a young starlet, to rejuvenate his career, n he is also a UN Ambassador, himself, is now telling us what Pitt n Jolie are doing wrong?

Hah! MD n his wife, CZJ ain't getting the publicity they want, espercially now that the 2 greedy stars, get $$$ for their pics, for their own foundation, seems to have backfired on them.

Jolie readliy gives $$$ from mags, to different foundations, eg; PEOPLE.

It doesn't go into Jolie's pockets,

while MD n CZJ's pics are sold n go into their coffers.

what a disgrace! Shut up.

it is all about $$$ and publicity for the Douglases.

Posted by Mike on March 13 at 11:59am

Awwwwwwwwww...Micheal Douglas n his wife, CZJ feel left out. No one gave MG any coverage in Davos, Switzerland, and their 'Art of Suing' has finally caught up with the pair!

Posted by Angie on March 13 at 12:13pm

That old far's commnets were way out of pocket, for one he does not know Brad, Jen or Angie enough to make those tacky remrks. He doesn't know what happened between Jen and Brad's marriage that caused him to leave and how dare he critcize Brad and Angie for adopting orphaned childern, that is the most honest and kindest thing any person can do.

What an asshole to make a comment like that! this man has no room to talk with him and his wife's past .... like that old phrase goes, PEOLPE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES !!!

I hope Brad comes back and put that ass in his place.

BTW: I got a feeling that Ms. Aniston's peoples were behind all of that MD mess, again to get sympathy and make Brad look stupid. Wasn't she made like GQ woman of the years all in part of connections like her publicest being related to the GQ magazine president, or somthing of that sort. And all of that was done like right after the split.

Posted by yuk on March 13 at 12:16pm

Um, "I don't know about" Michael Douglas, "leaving that beautiful woman" [his first wife], and then goes and starts a second family with CZJ.

Having babies at his age? "I mean how long is that going to last?"


Too much.

Posted by Hmm... on March 13 at 12:17pm

What an absolutely insulting thing to say!!

Hasn't he ever learned the lesson "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"

He did the same thing, when he left his former wife for his new, narcissistic, me me me wife-CZJ

I wish that they would just go hibernate somewhere, never to be seen again... no one cares about you or your money-grubbing wife- just go away.

At least AJ & BP contribute to the world with their huminatarian efforts and are TOTALLY GENIUNE about it...

This MD thing makes me sick!

Posted by Mariah on March 13 at 12:21pm

I agree that BP and AJ will be short lived -- Bp is the current flavor -- as soon as Slutina makes a movie with another good looking, married man, she will try to seduce him! History repeats itself!

I mean he is not some anonymous person on a blog, he is in public making comments about his peers -- he would be outraged if it was done to him.

EVERYONE needs to just let it go - it is OLD news!!!

Posted by Brandy on March 13 at 12:27pm

Michael Douglas is a has been. He is jealous that Angelina stole his thunder in Switzerland, but then again put Angelina and Michael Douglas side by side and nobody will notice him. Just go away Micheal Douglas and shut your mouth!

Posted by Tess on March 13 at 12:42pm

I'm actually on Michael's side. I'm a team Aniston myself, so I'm not impartial, but those were my thoughts from the beginning: people can't make marriages work anymore. They get divorced as soon as another one comes along, and apparently, Michael's and Catherine's is a solid one, amongst so much crap in Hollywood.

Posted by Nina on March 13 at 12:49pm

He must of made his comments for a reason.
And it's very funny how everyone is attacking him for what he said, but I recall all of us commenting very harsh on Brad, Anjelina and Jennifer before.

So everyone who attacks anyone else for their opinions are just a bunch of hyprocrites.

Posted by Jackz on March 13 at 12:53pm

I'm surprised Micheal commented on anyones marriage, given that his first marriage broke up because he couldn't keep it in his pants for years.

It is just totally tacky IF he did call Brad & Angies kids orphans. He has 2 kids with Catherine and I'm sure he wouldn't like it if someone called their first child a bastard since it was born out of wedlock. I hope he didn't really say these things because the orphan thing is just really tacky and hurtful.

Since an Ocean's 13 is in the making I'm surprised he would say such things about Brad and Julia. Two people his wife will have to work with if she is in Ocean's 13.

As far as Renee, Julia, Brad and Angie are concerned people may say things on a message board but these people don't read this. To say things about a fellow actor in a paper where they could read it, where you could bump into them at fucntions, people your wife has and probably will work with again shows a lack of class, IMO.

I really hope he didn't say these things. I don't understand i

Posted by Peaches on March 13 at 01:11pm

Michael Douglas seems not only getting to be a bitter old man, but senile as well. Seems he's forgotten his more than less perfect younger days. Didn't he got divorce from his first wife because he got tired of her?? He really isn't equipped to be mouthing his ridiculous opinions. Just makes me wonder if he has the hots for Angelina and pissed off that Brad got her. And he can't do anything about it because not only is he legally lasso'd to Zeta-Jones, Angie will not give him the time of day. My humble opinion.

Posted by Juno on March 13 at 01:29pm

Michael Douglas thinks hes a saint now?
When I read his comments all I could think of was that he MUST be a regular on these blogs.He sounds like the average team Aniston blogger.

Posted by Michelle on March 13 at 01:30pm

enough withusing celebrities as punching bags. Has everyone gone mad. Who lives in a world where there is no divorce? Have you people been living in a fantasy island somewhere? Check the stats. Marriages have been failing for years. Especially Hollywood marriages. Please Mr. Douglas how long have you been married a minute? Or a hollywood second? Life is hard for people that are less fortunate than you. If there are people out there who put there money where there mouth is and step up to the plate to adopt orphaned children you should leave them alone. No one is put on this earth to judge except god. A great humanitarian shows by example not by taking pretty pictures. How many orphans have you adopted? Mr. Humanitarian??

Posted by jeannie on March 13 at 01:49pm

Go Michael !!! AJ & BP are looking more disgusting everyday. Even the hollywood stars, where anything goes, thinks they were WRONG !!! HA HA HA HA !! Go team Aniston......

Posted by Tammy on March 13 at 02:37pm

his comments seem so out of left field...if it weren't a gq interview, i'd think the whole thing was made up. i don't disgaree with him, but they certainly don't sound like something i would imagine him saying...honestly though, i've always wondered how someone can be so in love that they want to marry someone, and then in a matter of weeks, it's in the courts. of course ja and bp weren't that way, and i truly think that whole deal is sad...but old md isn't off on the wrong track in his musing about jr and rz.

Posted by jewel on March 13 at 02:57pm


Yeah Yeah Team Aniston, like if JA really cares about that. Get a freaken clue!

Stop hating on people you don't even know and will never get to know.

Posted by Britney on March 13 at 03:03pm

Michael Douglas is telling the truth! Nobody works at their marriages anymore! Yes MD was divorced from his first wife, but they were married for quite a while. They also broke up long before Catherine entered the picture.

Posted by Judy R. on March 13 at 03:28pm

Good grief...Catherine probably made him say all that! Didnt his ex wife leave him for being some cheating sex addict? Come on Michael..

Posted by L on March 13 at 03:49pm

Britney: BITE ME !!! At least I know I'm pissin someone off.

Posted by Tammy on March 13 at 04:05pm

Well, Brad doesn't need any help looking Stupid. He copies and morphs into his partner, each and every time. He has no character.
Angie out and out lied, saying on camera, She'd never be with a married man because of how her Dad's cheating hurt her..and that she had enough lovers. She also has a strange history, doing any she has a movie with.
But the bottom line is, you don't get in or stay in a relationship for the kids. It has to be about more than that. Brad and Angie...infatuation, and Brad bio clock was ticking...they are in it for the wrong reasons.
Don't care what Douglas thinks, but is comments have basis.
Maybe it takes one to know one, and he sees Brad and Angie as the Dogs they are. LOL

Posted by Sandy on March 13 at 04:24pm

Why are they dogs?
Cause, he dumped The Chin, I bet he had good reason. Also Brad and Angelina are past comments by a senile old guy,who treated his ex like crap, who son was arrested for having coke and who doesn't know what the word orphan means. Because Brad isn't wearing a suit, he is being Angelina, please.. he dressed about the same in candids with Jennifer. Douglas needs to go take his Viagara!

Posted by Tealeaf on March 13 at 05:04pm

I have a question --- I am appalled by the BP/AJ thing and guess you could say I am a JA fan since I watched her on Friends for years --- BUT what the hell are WE or ANYONE picking "teams" for??? Nobody wins -- everyone has lost -- especially those children AJ has drug into her lust -- (she should have never went so far with things that effect her kids)! There are NO TEAMS -- just different people who feel differently -
I think it is sad people are trying to make this a competetion! Like I said, I think AJ and BP were wrong but there is no "ref" to decide what is fair or unfair!

** Side note -- I have not agreed with much Sandy has said but one point she is correct about is that Brad turns into what every girl he is with -- To be so (supposedly) hot you would think he would be immune to being soooooo Pussy Whipped!!!

Posted by Brandy on March 13 at 05:11pm

Brad Pitt did not dress the same way with Jen. He looked SOOOO much better. He knows what he did & he has to live with it. We will all be around when his new world fall to pieces!!!!

Posted by 24 on March 13 at 05:13pm

I agree with MD that BP and AJ will not last. Even if they loved each other (which I doubt), what happened to Bennifer will happen to them too - toooo much scrutiny and pressure all the time. They are human too. And Brad is a very vain person and is always focused on his looks, lawsuits etc. He has very little in common with AJ. Once his midlife crisis wears off he will get tired of babies all over his life soon and take off.

Posted by ashy on March 13 at 05:30pm

xxx lol

Posted by britney on March 13 at 05:36pm

I'm sure he wouldnt appreciate his fellow celebs commenting on his personal life, so why has he felt the need to. I thought his wife was friends with renee aswell. How rude!

Posted by jess on March 13 at 05:56pm

I can't figure out what the fuss is about. Is Jennifer Aniston broke? Did something happen to her looks? Has her career gone south? I don't know how old she is, but is it that she'll never date, love, or marry again? Has she aged light years since her divorce? The frenzy has reached such a level, that you'd think she was suffering something other than a marriage that ended. The media frenzy is making the woman sound pitiful and I don't think that is the case, at least I hope not. She married. It didn't work. She moved on. She's not ugly. She's beautiful. She's not poor. She's rich. She's not a struggling actress. She's a star. And she's not man-less, she is dating. And she's young enough to have kids when she wants to. She's not a victim. She's living life. And Michael Douglas? I remember the hoopla when he left first wife.

Posted by Miss B. on March 13 at 07:58pm

how would you feel if your husband dumped you for the town tramp. She even made out with her brother what a pig. Sad part is that he really thiks he made the right decision and made a baby with this slut. Like its going to last how sad for him. wait till she does her next movie and moves on her next victom or shall i say idiot. It seem like celebs think aids only affect the poor.He should take a closer look at her if he did he would realize that her mouth has put in alot of work and this is what he is kissing and tasting other men.

Posted by omie on March 13 at 08:35pm

you people really need a life. Marriage is not about celebrity. Its hard work. Sometimes it just goes south and both parties know it but just coast along thinking that it will fix itself. Unfortunately, for those in hollywood too manyscrutinizing papparazzi cameras just add to the fire. So they move on. Its the way our society has always worked. Michael douglas is no saint- that guy was a skirt chaser for years - now that hes too old he wants to pretend hes the perfect husband- give me a break buddy - the reason you can say you have a good marriage is cause no one wants you anymore. old hag

Posted by jrm on March 13 at 11:06pm

Jennifer aniston has moved on long ago. havent you been hearing her

Posted by jmo on March 13 at 11:08pm

I hope Angelina reads this message.

Dear Angelina ignore these selfish rubish. please take a good care of yourself and you will soon have a beautiful baby. you are a kind, beautiful and loving person.
J. Aniston with his fake smile need to look back, she had four years to have a real family and she spent more time looking in the mirror than caring for his family.....
I have great respect for Angelna and for old fart MD refer to her adopted children as "orphan" is disgraceful. they are anegelina and brad's children and no longer an orphan.

Posted by fisrtname on March 14 at 02:05am

Dear Angelina, please ignore these selfish rubbish. Please take a good care of yourself and you will soon have a beautiful baby. you are a kind, beautiful and loving person.
J. Aniston with his fake smile need to look back, she had four years to have a real family and she spent more time looking in the mirror than caring for his family.....
I have great respect for Angelina. MD’s reference to Angelina’s adopted children as "orphan" is a disgraceful comment that does not need media attention. Maddox and Zahara are Angelina and brad's children and no longer an orphan.

Posted by firstname on March 14 at 02:10am

angelina is good but she sleeps with anyman she makes a movie with. she is infuated with BP NOT IN LOVE IT WILL CRASH SOON!!!!u bet.i love jen...she is what a woman should be...... beatiful. classy, and has a lot of self respect and dignity.. if AJ makes a movie with colin farell i bet she 'll sleep with him even with BP as her husband/lover. she should check her panties they are on fire!!!!!!!!111

Posted by chi on March 14 at 06:06am

i have always been a fan of all of them for various reasons. people make mistakes and i hope bp will be able to recover from this terrible mistake. he allowed passion to rule his head but when it wears off, be able to pick the pieces back. wish all of them luck cos they,all unique people in their own ways

Posted by tonia on March 14 at 06:44am

MD is not in any position to judge because to some of us it still feels like yesterday what he has done to his first wife. Besides, he is 20yrs older than Brad and by the time he was his age, he was the original poster boy of sex pervession. Can somebody please tell him that his gimmicks are laughable?

Posted by Dipuo Mahlatsi on March 14 at 09:59am

What pisses me off is that Micheal Douglas is dissing on those innocent kids. When I see a pic of Brad, Angelina, and kids, they look like an average, happy family. Maybe Brad found someone who makes him happy...so what? I mean, Micheal was married before, and now you see pics of him romping around with his son and it actually looks pathetic with his bloated bod, and tight face. Wait...I'm not done. What about Catherine Zeta-Jones? I'm so sick of her commercials, It makes her look as if she's hard-up for money. Probably needs more money for their face-lifts and butt lifts. P.S. I'm sick of Jennifer Aniston and her whinning too!

Posted by lann on March 14 at 10:14am

Let's not attack anybody here!
We don't need "Cheese Dicks?!?" (whatver that's supposed to mean)
like you commenting.

Posted by Angie on March 14 at 10:20am

Among everything else said, MD is jealous and insecure. He's jealous because of the publicity AJ and BT are getting (which will probably be more than he and his young wife got with their wedding). And he's insecure about himself and his marriage. He can't make a public statement now without mentioning his young wife AND marriage to her. And he's obviously very insecure about his marriage to her because of all these focus on their age difference.

And true, it is just classless to call AJ's children orphans! Totally classless.

Posted by (*)(*) on March 14 at 10:54am

MD is not in any position to pass judgement on anyone . He should take a good look at himself and his family first .

How about this picture of his wife CZJ smoking at 7 months into her 2nd pregnancy ? http://ash.org/zetajonesphoto

Posted by Pot calling kettle black on March 14 at 10:56am

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