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Is Scarlett Johansson A True Screen Siren? NEWS » FILM NEWS

Is Scarlett Johansson A True Screen Siren?
The make-up artists think so....
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By: Lowri Williams on 3/13/2006

Make-up artists to the celebrities have revealed who the true beauties behind the camera really are in a new survey.

The fresh faced Scarlett Johansson was tipped as the most natural star, praised for her flawless skin that needs no airbrushing.

The British did well in the poll with Kate Winslet coming in second and Catherine Zeta Jones voted third by members of the National Association of Screen Make-up Artists and Hairdressers.

The male actors doing well on their close up’s include Orlando Bloom, Jake Gyllenhaal and of course the amazing Johnny Depp…swoon.

The survey was conducted as Telewest announces plans to launch their highest definition television yet…something that will show up even the smallest of flaws.

One in three of the make-up artists polled believe that more actresses and actors will go under the knife due to High Definition TV.

Sandra Exelby of the National Association of Screen Makeup Artists and Hairdressers, said: "I have been told by production companies that some of the big actors have a 'no close-up' clause in their contracts."

And who can blame them really?

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