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Lana Turner's Daughter Thinks Sienna Miller Should Play Her Late Mom, Not Catherine Zeta-Jones

Sienna MillerLana Turner's daughter Cheryl Crane is so amazed by the striking resemblance between actress Sienna Miller and her late mother, she thinks the Layer Cake star should play Turner in an upcoming biopic.

However, Legend Of Zorro star Catherine Zeta Jones has already accepted the part in Stompanato - a study of the scandalous murder of Turner's lover Johnny Stompanato by Crane in 1958.

Crane says, "What staggers me most is how much the lovely Sienna Miller
resembles my mom. Really, she is a spitting image of her - sun tan and platinum boyish hairdo. I'm amazed. Sienna is really gorgeous."

Crane, who was just 14 years old at the time of the incident, claimed she stabbed her mother's boyfriend to protect her, and was acquitted of the crime on the grounds of justifiable homicide.

Keanu Reeves is set to play Stompanato when filming gets underway next year.

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