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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Julia Roberts

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Julia Roberts

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Ocean's Girls Swindled

We can think of many worse things than working alongside three A-list leading men.

And when those men are Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon - heck, we'd do it for free.

So, having had the time of their lives making Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's Twelve, why don't Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones want to jump on board for the next escapade?

Well, it may not have been their choice.

Producer Jerry Weintrub has revealed that the script doesn't really have big enough parts for the two ladies.

The Ocean's Boys

The Ocean's Boys

He said: "We didn't have a place to really use talent like theirs, two big stars like that."

While George, Brad and Matt are all set for Ocean's Thirteen, keeping up the girls' end will be actress Ellen Barkin. 

As always, George will play Danny Ocean, leading another Las Vegas robbery.

Ocean's Thirteen will also be co-produced by Section Eight, the company co-owned by George and director Steven Soderbergh.

If all goes to plan, the film should be in cinemas for the summer.

Last Updated: 12:38 UK, Tuesday March 28, 2006