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JLo Snags a Role in Ocean's 13?

Okay, so the last time I spoke about JLo here on Cinematical, things didn't go so well. People thought I was being very mean and awfully unfair towards Mrs. Lopez-Noa-Judd-Almost Affleck-Anthony. Perhaps I can redeem myself here. Or not. As Martha reported the other day, Steven Soderbergh and company are returning, yet again, for Ocean's 13. The funniest thing about these sequels is that, as the numbers get higher, it's just that many more people they need to cast. I'd love for this thing to go to Ocean's 26 just to see which random actors show up. I'd imagine myself saying things like, "Holy crap, is that a digitized Marlon Brando? Sweet!"

While most of the cast is returning for a sequel, Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones will stay behind. Supposedly, the script didn't call for their characters, but something tells me that's a load of craps. Ya know, like the game? With Ellen Barkin signed on to play a love interest to Matt Damon's character, there's room for one more female to fight over heartthrobs George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Unfortunately, it appears as if Angelina Jolie will not be showing up (Ain't that a bummer?), but Jennifer Lopez is now one of the names being thrown into consideration. Of course, this comes via a "Super Secret Inside Source" over at JoBlo, so take it all with a grain of salt for now.

Honestly, I really enjoyed Lopez's shifty performance in Out of Sight. Coincidentally, her co-star in that film was none other than George Clooney. Now, if her role alongside Danny Ocean is similar, then I'm down with giving her a shot. Ocean's 13 will start shooting (primarily on 5 soundstages in Burbank) this July 21st.

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1. Ellen Barkin? She's 150 years old!!!! That's ridiculous.

Posted at 1:36PM on Mar 29th 2006 by Ray Arbour 0 stars

2. Is it ridiculous? Why?

tttt. Somebody needs to be sat down with a copy of Searching For Debra Winger.


I theorised as to what the plot of this new Oceans film might entail, over on my blog. It was 50% wild speculation, and 50% informed estimation, taking into account the storylines of 1 and 2, and a clear progression they were making. Full Frontal might alos have offered a clue, too. Click on my name to go there, I guess. The post is called
"Oceans 13 - What Is It About?"

I think J Lo can really do it when she's attached to the right part and her director won't take no guff. Out of Sight, and to a lesser degree Shall We Dance show that she really does have some mettle. I think it'd be great to have her in Oceans 13.

Posted at 4:09PM on Mar 29th 2006 by Brendon 0 stars

3. I really think that's bizarre...I could J.Lo being in it...they'd have to do something to recover for the fact that Ellen Barkin is not going to be a crowd draw...

And Ellen + Matt??? that's a horrible screen mix in my mind.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

Posted at 5:11PM on Mar 29th 2006 by RC of strangeculture 0 stars

4. I think Lopez will be too good for this movie by the time her next two independent movies come out. She can do a lot better than this boring franchise.

Posted at 8:46PM on Mar 29th 2006 by mavis 0 stars

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