Oceanís women ditched

Oceanís women ditchedCatherine Zeta-Jones and Julia Roberts have been dropped from heist sequel, ‘Ocean’s 13′. Filmmakers have decided to replace the movie’s love interests with 52-year-old ‘Sea Of Love’ star Ellen Barkin.

Franchise producer, Jerry Weintraub, has blamed the writers for the decision. He told Associated Press: "It was a script issue. We didn’t have a place to really use talent like theirs, two big stars like that."

"They’re very good friends of ours, and neither the director Steven Soderbergh, nor I, would prevail on them to come back and do nothing just to do it." However, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon will be back - led again by Oscar winning hunk George Clooney as gang leader Danny Ocean.

Studio bosses expect the rest of the cast - including Don Cheadle, Andy Garcia, Bernie Mac and Elliott Gould - to also sign up for the Las Vegas-based sequel. Filming is due to start in July, with the movie slated for release next summer.

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