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Michael Douglas Relishes Catherine Zeta-Jones' Career NEWS » FILM NEWS

Michael Douglas Relishes Catherine Zeta-Jones' Career
She's doing ok...
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By: Lowri Williams on 3/30/2006

Hollywood heavyweight Michael Douglas has revealed he is very happy watching his much younger wife Catherine Zeta-Jones become film gold.

Douglas claims to remember what it was like to be the toast of tinsel town and now is happy to step back and allow Welsh Oscar winning actress CZJ to do the same.

He said to FemaleFirst: "I did a lot of pictures where I was in every single scene. My wife is doing it now for the first time and I'm smiling...

"My wife is an accomplished actress and she's a lot younger than I am. She's going to have her time in the spotlight."

Marrying into Hollywood royalty is always going to help any girls acting career...

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