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Julia Roberts And Catherine Zeta-Jones Not Starring In Ocean's 13!?!? - April 3rd 2006

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According to a recent report by Coming, the upcoming sequel 'Ocean's 13', due for release in 2007, will not see stars Julia Roberts or Catherine Zeta-Jones returning to their roles from the previous two films.

Replacing series veteran Roberts is 'Sea of Love' star Ellen Barkin, who will be playing Matt Damon's love interest in the film, and another character is in the works to replace Ocean's 12 star Zeta-Jones and bring the cast up to the required 13 characters.

Personally I think this is a really bad idea. Loosing Catherine Zeta-Jones is one thing, but Julia Roberts is an important character in the series and it won't feel like an 'Oceans' movie without her. Perhaps this shouldn't be made after all. Join us in the forum to discuss whether or not you agree with this view!

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