Pamela Singh: ‘Life’s tough’
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Winning Miss India is hardly an achievement: Pamela
Shalinee Chowdhury
Tuesday, April 04, 2006  18:20 IST

Photographer and fashion designer Pamela Singh talks about her new collection showing in the city next week, modelling and life’s twists and  turns.

Fashionably dressed: “I cannot call myself a fashion designer,” says the lady who has Catherine Zeta Jones and Julianne Moore as her fans, “I am an artist and work in mixed mediums from painting, photography, textiles, printing,  sculpture and whatever I am in the mood for.” For the last 12 years Pamela Singh has been printing fabrics as she found the process fascinating.

Already retailing from established stores like Ogaan, Mogra, Melange, Cinnamon and now Bungalow 8 in India, Singh also stocks her line abroad as, “I manufacture not only for myself but also for other designers, boutique owners and wholesalers.” Creating  an international presence according to her is, “Easy. I’ve never had a single piece left over.”

Looking to expand her ground as a designer she does have certain conditions, “I am not interested in doing consignment work but since everybody in India is making clothes at the moment it’s difficult to work any other way.” The market according to her, “Seems to be flooded with too many clothes which stores cannot afford to buy outright.”

Snapshots: Along with fashion, Singh’s other passion is photography, “It’s not my profession. It’s something I enjoy.” Ask her to pick a memorable picture and she says, “I live in the moment so I don’t remember stuff that I have already done. I have been trained to function like that.”

Mumbai will soon get a taste of her images as she will show in Mumbai next year with Mirchandani and Steinrucke gallery.

Donning the crown: Quiz her about winning the Miss India crown and she states matter-of-factly, “Winning the Miss India crown is hardly an achievement.”

As for commenting on the modelling scenario today she is brutally forthright, “I am not in the scene and don’t know much about it. I find thin girls appalling. They should eat more. I have never been thin myself and have always been told that I look well.”

Moving on: Keeping a low profile since her debacle with the media due to her involvement with high powered British government officials, Pamela Bordes’ (as she was then known) defense is, “I sleep very well at night. It’s my greatest achievement.”

Almost curtly she adds, “Everybody has to evolve in one way or another. There isn’t much else to do.” As for life and its turns, “Life is tough whether you are spiritual or not, but I am a good swimmer.”

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