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Brad and Ange for film sequel?

Brad and Ange for film sequel?

6.55AM, Fri Apr 7 2006

We may get to see the sizzling chemistry between Brangelina on the big screen again- this time alongside pal George Clooney in Ocean's 13.

Reports coming in from across the pond suggest that Brad Pitt, who has starred in the last two Ocean's films, is trying to persuade lover Angelina Jolie to sign up for the third instalment of the movie.

Angelina would certainly fit into the cast of gorgeous beings, she is wanted to replace film beauties Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones, neither of which will be involved in the project this time round.

The stella cast is bound to be attractive to Ange, with her main men being Gorgeous George, Matt Damon and her very own Mr Pitt in the comedy crime thriller.

It is likely producers will be desperate to get the Tomb Raider star on board, with her and Brad's relationship one of the most talked about ever on planet showbiz, the publicity would be astounding.

Ocean's 13 is a film many A listers would love to get their hands on - Julia Roberts once admitted she enjoyed her time working on the film so much she would have still taken part if it meant being paid nothing at all.

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