Michael Douglas Hearts Brangelina

E_MichaelDouglasCZJ_136.jpgIn last month's GQ, Michael Douglas was quoted as saying: "I don't know about Brad Pitt, leaving that beautiful woman [Jennifer Aniston] to go hold orphans for Angelina. I mean how long is that going to last?" But this week , he's in PR overdrive, claiming that he never said it -- though not very convincingly.

"This quote was completely inaccurate," Michael said on last night's Access Hollywood. "When we asked the reporter, and it was a long, lengthy article, maybe 15 hours of tape recording and I asked to hear it on tape and she said, well, I turned the tape recorder off. And so, you know, I don't know what to say."

"I'm very upset," Michael said. "I consider him a good friend. He did a picture with Catherine, Ocean's 12, and she does wonderful work for the United Nations, which is very, very close to me."

GQ says the upsetting part is Michael's apparent memory loss.

"We're fans of Michael Douglas, but GQ stands behind our reporting," the mag said in a statement sent to Access Hollywood.

I think it's interesting that it's been a whole month since the article came out and this is the first time Michael is saying anything about it. He could have issued a statement through his publicist at the time if it was so troublesome to him. Also ironic is the fact that the cast of Ocean's 13 was recently announced and Michael's wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, was not asked to reprise her role in the Brad Pitt film. Could one thing have to do with the other?

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Oceans 13 is missing the boat. C Z-J never makes a bad movie.

Posted by cate on April 11 at 09:28am

I didn't like Catherine in 12 anyway. I didn't think she brought anything to the table character or acting wise. I like the dynamics of the guys and I liked Julia Robert's character mixing it up with them.

Posted by Peaches on April 11 at 09:35am

I love to watch these stars start back peddling when they've opened their big mouths, It's hilarious! Can't really blame Michael for taking so long to remark about said statement...what is he 100? He probably can't remember things for very long a time.

Posted by backpeddlin' on April 11 at 10:49am

I used to love Michael Douglas until he married CJZ and thought he was the cat's ass for bagging that gold digger/starpower digger. She's such a skanky thing and he's a washed up (plastic surgery gone bad) has-been. I agree with backpeddlin'. He opened his big mouth and now regrets it because of the negative backlash his comments received. Nobody believes you Michael. You said it now be a man and own up to it and apologize.

Posted by hannah on April 11 at 11:32am

Or dont apologize. You had the balls to say it then, stick to them now. Or do you need plastic surgery for that too? How many want to bet its his wife telling him to make amends?

Posted by Frank on April 11 at 11:35am

Well said hannah. As if he's anyone to open his mouth. This is mister cheat on my wife for years.....

Posted by Sylvie on April 11 at 11:37am

I bet the source of the negative comments is his wife. He's washed up but she seems very catty. Wasn't she catty a few years ago towards Nicole Kidman? I think this couple craves the spotlight. They were made for each other.

Posted by Deb on April 11 at 11:47am

Why can't Mr.Douglas just shut the F***

Posted by mas on April 11 at 12:05pm

Yeah they do seem to gravitate toward the spotlight! I do agree he's making nice for Catherine's sake. She probably gave him Hell for opening his mouth and costing her a shot at Oceans 13.

Posted by yesiree! on April 11 at 12:07pm

way to go mike..."it never happened", RIGHT! he should be the next president.

Posted by jillian on April 11 at 12:36pm

if MD never said those words .. why apologize ? Guilty as can be.

even if GQ misquoted or whatever .. what about those snide remarks MD made towards Renee and Julia ? It can't be 3 "errors" in a row right ?

Sound like MD is just trying to hitch on to either one of the 3 to ride on their coatail (BA, Julia's broadway) for his new movie release. Remember , MD is the producer on this moview.. so he wants a box office - so anything to get his name out there .. he orchestrated it to his pr advantage and choose to "apologize" this month to tie in with his movie release next week

Posted by MD is a liar on April 11 at 03:12pm

I don't know why he would retract now. The statement is true !!! CZJ doesn't need any help getting movie roles. I bet AJ will in the future though. She'll be Lara Croft Tomb Raider 7,8,9... She says she won't live in the US. "Works for me"...

Posted by BlogBrat on April 11 at 03:52pm

When and where did AJ say she wouldn't live in the US? I have not seen AJ make any statement since that summit in Swizterland and even then it was about UN business nothing personal. AJ or Brad have not said anything about their lives or children other than the name change and the adoption.

Posted by Peaches on April 11 at 04:01pm

Do your own research. It's out their !

Posted by BlogBrat on April 11 at 04:05pm

Sorry, It's out there !

Posted by BlogBrat on April 11 at 04:07pm

MD is just a very old man. You have to forgive what old people say sometimes.
CZJ just wants her meal ticket. No talent there
BP and AJ deserve some happiness.
Jenn had her chance, remember she wants to be a big big movie star....yeah right...no talent there either.

Posted by diana on April 11 at 04:09pm

MD should apologize to Renee and Julia. What an idiot. He was misquoted how many times?

Posted by jjr on April 11 at 04:15pm

i think he just thinks he's hot shit and he isn't. he's been around a long time and he thinks that's bought him a ticket to talk negative about people publicly. i hope one of them calls him on it.

Posted by jillian on April 11 at 04:52pm

The guy is ancient. Maybe he doesn't remember.

No, I'm sure he said it and he knows he said it. But he is still freakin' old. He probably has saggy balls too.

I think CZJ is more in love with his money anyway.

Posted by Eve on April 11 at 06:33pm

Finally someone says what the rest of us have been thinking!!

Posted by Agirl on April 11 at 10:52pm

He was just saying what everyone is thinking...

Posted by sanaa on April 12 at 09:47am

Really.. and who is everyone? They've all given you there opinion? I'm with peaches on the AJ thing and don't care for what Michael has to say (like he's perfect). Let him try to leave CZJ, it is in his pre-nup so he would pay bigtime..hahaha

Posted by Sylive on April 12 at 11:38am

Sorry (their)

Posted by Sylvie on April 12 at 11:39am

sanaa speak for yourself. Everybody does not speak MD language. That pompous ass does not speak for me. He knows he was wrong and now he is backpeddling. Why do yu think hes apologizing or did you miss that?

Posted by jjr on April 12 at 04:58pm

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