Entertainment News Thursday April 27th, 2006  
Michael Douglas On His Future
Posted:   Wednesday April 12th, 2006 11:17pm
Source:   IGN Filmforce
Author:   Garth Franklin
IGN FilmForce spoke with Oscar winner Michael Douglas while he was doing press for his forthcoming release "The Sentinel" and got word on the status of several projects he's had in-development.

He confirmed he and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones are considering "Racing the Monsoon", an India-set adventure in the spirit of "Romancing the Stone", that they could work together in and would feature Zeta-Jones in a more "adversarial" role.

They have bother been attached to "Smoke & Mirrors" but Douglas confirms that project is dead. He also denied any involvement in a remake of the Charles Bronson hitman classic "The Mechanic".
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