Michael Douglas now claims he never engaged in Brangelina bashing. Douglas said he was misquoted in GQ magazine making negative remarks about the Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston-Angelina Jolie triangle, reports People magazine. "It was a lengthy article . . . must've been 20 hours of tape recording, so I asked to hear the tape recording and the reporter said, 'Well, I turned the tape recorder off.' And I said. 'Well you had it on the whole time so I didn't say it.' " Douglas said.

The "Sentinel" star reportedly told the magazine he didn't understand Pitt's decision to leave Aniston to "hold orphans" for Jolie. Mr. Catherine Zeta-Jones said he sent an apology to the couple, whom he thinks of as friends. The fashion mag's editor, Andy Ward, issued a statement to People yesterday saying the magazine stands by its story. "For him to suggest we made (the quotes up) is laughable," Ward said. "Still, we like the guy and hope all this attention will help his movie."