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T-Mobile grabs BlackBerry 8700g

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Tuesday April 18, 2006 4:23 PM EST - By: Michael Kwan

Click to ZoomBlackBerry aficionados now have another option when it comes time for the obligatory upgrade (we all know how often you like to get a new toy to play with; who are you kidding?). T-Mobile has just added the BlackBerry 8700g to its lineup, and Catherine Zeta-Jones couldn’t be happier.

Sure, you could just as easily pick up any of the other wide range of smartphones out there, but BlackBerry has always been known as the leading in push email, and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. Of course, if you weren’t bound to a contract (or to your infatuation to a certain spokeswoman), you could have already picked up the Cingular variant last year.

The feature set remains the same, with the 312 MHz Intel processor, quad-band GSM connectivity, EDGE data, a QVGA color display, and Bluetooth 2.0. And yes, the standard fare of RIM apps apply. Pick up the “new” BlackBerry 8700g at a T-Mobile kiosk for $300 after $100 worth of contract-related rebates.

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