05-22-2006 13:31

As we saw in our last piece, "The Sentinel" has just hit the big screen in China. It's the latest effort from Michael Douglas, after a three-year-hiatus. He was at the helm as both producer and lead actor. Douglas plays a White House Secret Service agent. Is the 62-year-old still a sharp actor? Movie buffs in both Asia and America can head to theaters, and find out. He said, There's not too many action sequences in "The Sentinel". Instead, the compact and suspenseful storyline pulls you in. Scenes shot inside the real United States' White House also grab attention. As for producer Michael Douglas, finding the selling point of his films is never a problem. He knows this business. And he knows it well.

Douglas was brought up in a family of movie professionals. Thanks to his talent, and the help of his father, Kirk Douglas, Michael has grown into a versatile filmmaker. He achieved success first in acting, and quickly became a producer as well. During his nearly forty-year career, he's starred in 49 movies and TV dramas. And he's been no stranger at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes. He's produced 22 big screen features, including John Woo's blockbuster "Face Off".

Michael Douglas shocked movieland in 1975 with "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". He took the rights from his father to produce the film. Douglas brought in Czech director Milos Forman, and got Jack Nicholson to play the lead. "Cuckoo's Nest" is about a group of patients in a mental asylum. The film earned Douglas a load of laurels, taking home all the major Oscars: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Actress. He said, Michael Douglas' performing talent continued to develop in the 1980s. He played in a string of pictures, including "Romancing the Stone", "The Jewel of the Nile", and "Fatal Attraction".

But it was 1987's "Wall Street" that marked the peak of his acting career. In "Wall Street", Douglas landed the role of Gordon Gekko, a successful but greedy broker. He stayed alert to every detail of the role, even subtle eye movements... and was named Best Actor by the Academy that year.

And Douglas is more than capable of playing the villain. Some credit it to his hook-nose. "A Perfect Murder", released in 1998, was typical Michael Douglas. He played a dishonest husband who cooks up a scheme to get rich, by framing his wife.

Apart from those devilish roles, Douglas also likes characters that are somebodies. In "Disclosure", he played the head of a computer company, who's running for US Vice President; And in "The American President", Douglas,of course, was Mr.President. The film revealed the everyday emotional life of a major world leader.

Talking about family, Michael Douglas' better half is actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. The pair met at the French Deauville Film Festival in August 1998. Surprisingly, the two found they shared the same birthday, though Michael is 25 years older. So far, the age gap hasn't hampered their love. The couple is happily married, with two kids.

Michael has always shown great respect for his father. And in order to fulfill Kirk Douglas' wish that three generations of family appear in one film, Michael produced "It Runs in the Family", in 2003. He co-stars with his father and his son. The heart-rending affection between family members brought tears to the eyes of many a theater-goer.

Michael Douglas won the Life Time Achievement trophy at the Golden Globe Awards in 2004. It was the first time in Hollywood history that a father and son had earned the same major prize.


Editor:Chen Minji