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Life's a drag for Zeta

2 June 2006

After marrying into Hollywood royalty, Catherine Zeta-Jones normally gets what she wants. Even if she has to sneak outside. The actress was spotted having a surreptitious cigarette on the doorstep of her Beverly Hills mansion.

Her stepson Cameron is thought to have insisted on a no-smoking policy in the house.

Miss Zeta Jones, 36, looked a little put out by being put out. But she is said to be keen to give up anyway.

The star is apparently concerned about how she will explain her ten-a-day habit to her younger children Dylan, five, and Carys, two.

In the meantime, the verandah was the perfect place to interrupt her sunbathing schedule for a smoking break. In straw hat, pink kaftan and orange bikini she managed to look Hollywood-glamorous despite being caught puffing.

Husband Michael Douglas, on the other hand, appears a little less polished these days.

The 61-year-old actor, who is filming the comedy The King of California, could be going through a hippie phase if his flowery shirt, sandals and scraggly beard are anything to go by.

He unpacked a collection of shopping bags from the car and carried them up the driveway.

His wife is also about to head back to the film set.

She will star in the British movie Death Defying Acts, which charts the life of Harry Houdini. Miss Zeta-Jones plays a psychic who bewitches the escapologist, who will be played by Australian actor Guy Pearce.

If she really has problems with her stepson's anti-smoking stance, she could always opt for another of the family houses. The Douglases, said to be worth 200million, also have homes in Canada, Wales and Bermuda.

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