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Douglas Wary Of Mens' Lust for Sexy Wife Zeta

Wednesday, 6th September 2006, 09:11
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Film star Michael Douglas has admitted other men lusting after his sexy young wife Catherine Zeta-Jones makes him work harder at his marriage.

The Hollywood actor, 61, is 25 years older than Welsh beauty Catherine and was even born before her own dad.

The star of Wall Street, Basic Instinct and The American President said one reason for the success of his marriage was that his own 89-year-old father, movie legend Kirk Douglas, still gives him marital advice.

Michael said his six year marriage to Catherine was so long by Hollywood standards that the press had got fed up of covering the couple.

The twice-married superstar, estimated to be worth more than $200 million, revealed he was still infatuated with the mother of two of his children, saying she was "beautiful inside and out".

He said: "My life does take a bit of work. I certainly know how much guys like Catherine, and well deserved. She's fantastic and beautiful inside and out, she's a talented, talented actress, really good mom and a heck of a wife.

"But I think you've got to work at it, I don't think it's as easy as it looks in the papers. I think when things are good you nurture and protect it."

He added: "I'm always surprised about people, how they spend more time being kinder to strangers than they do the people closest to you and I think that's the biggest lesson I've learned - watch out for those who are closest to you, don't take them for granted.

"My father Kirk's going to be 90 in December and he loves to give advice and I must say he pulled Catherine and I aside and he said, 'Look out for your spouse'.

"He said, 'The kids, they’re going to come and they’re going to go and the kids you’ve got no control over but your partner is your partner, treat her well'.

"Catherine and I have been married six years now, there’s a lot of other celebrity couples that have come and gone and I think that there’s not a whole lot more to write about us. We’ve chosen to live a lifestyle that’s, you know, not in LA or London per se so unless we’re making a picture we’re out of the public eye.

"Saying that though we’ve been here six weeks now and we’ve had the greatest time in the UK. I can imagine it’s also in part because a lot of the paparazzi didn’t know where we were living and we were able to kind of get along with our kids and have a really good environment."

Speaking to promote his latest film, The Sentinel, he said it had been great working with co-stars Desperate Housewife, Eva Longoria, and Keifer Sutherland from 24 who, like Douglas, had a famous father.

He told Virgin Radio’s Ben Jones: "I produced a picture called Flatliners with Keifer about 14 years ago and we share the fact that we both have famous and successful fathers and therefore I fell for him because I knew how hard it is to get out of that shadow.

"He was always a hearty partier, bless his soul, and a lot of talent. He has great stamina and he is right there first thing in the morning. And now after all these years working on 24, he was so helpful for me on the script because you see things so fast.

"I really enjoy working with people coming out of television, Eva Longoria included, because their work ethic is fantastic and they work quickly."

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