By Sunshine Mugrabi

8. On the internet, no one knows you're a dog—unless you're trying to get a date. So celebrity stylist Jay Manuel, known for appearances on "America's Next Top Model," gave a crash course on dating site His tips were meant as a way to help singles find their best camera angle and most flattering expression. But we can't help asking, isn't this false advertising? (see Gives Image Tips to Web Daters).

9. She may be good at belting out show tunes, and she's married to Michael Douglas. But as a pitchwoman, Catherine Zeta-Jones (pictured) just didn't make the grade. So T Mobile decided to drop her faster than a cell phone call made to a farm in Idaho. (see "Report: Catherine Zeta-Jones Dumped).

10. A new company called Spy Media wants to pay you for your celeb photos. This photo marketplace concept was dubbed by our reporters "Flickr-meets-the-paparazzi." Red Herring caught the San Jose based start-up on camera. Maybe we should auction this pic off. (see "Stirr Photos").

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