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Big Brother beauty Imogen's naked ambition

Jan 28 2007

Laura Kemp, Wales on Sunday


BIG Brother beauty Imogen Thomas is making a mint by minding her Ps - property, pants and Playboy!

The 24-year old former Miss Wales has ploughed all her cash from lucrative men's mag modelling sessions into getting her feet on the property ladder. So far she has three homes in Wales and is chasing a fourth abroad.

"I'd always wanted to but I never thought I'd be able to afford it" said Imogen, who was a week away from making the final of BB7.

"I've been renting since I was 17 and I'm still renting in North London. But I told my mum that if I ever made a little money, I'd put it straight into property.

"I just bought three £120,000 three-bedroom terraced houses in Llanelli - very close to my home - with mortgages on two of them. I'm doing them up myself, which I love, and I'm renting them out to Polish people, of which there are a lot in our town at the moment.

"I'm looking to buy a place in Bulgaria now as well. They're cheap at the moment - you can get a one-bedroom place for £18,000. I'd like to buy a two-bedroom. Bulgaria is the up-and-coming place, but the properties I'm interested in won't be ready 'til 2009. So I'm putting that money down now and it's going to rise."

But financial ambitions don't end there.

"You have to think long term; things don't last forever. There are so many Big Brother housemates, you never know if you're going to make any money.

"And there are so many models out there, you have to think ahead about how you're going to get money.

"As much money as I make, I'm gonna keep buying property. I'm money-hungry anyway, and my New Year's Resolution was to make as much money as possible."

Other plans include bringing out a "pretty and sexy" range of undies which she would design herself and her own line of jewellery.

Imogen, who's been linked with Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo, says she's even prepared to strip for Playboy.

"I love doing shoots and it doesn't bother me who's looking at these photos.

"If I can keep on selling copies, I don't care. I'm doing underwear shots. I'm not doing topless or porn, though I've had a few offers and I would do Playboy for the right price.

"If there's good money in it, why not do it? The older I'm getting the sexier I'm getting as well. I don't think I'm yet at my peak - this is like just the beginning, and hopefully 2007 is going to be a busy year for me."

Imogen on...

JAMES BOND: "I'd love to appear in a Bond film. In fact, I was talking to the director of Casino Royale at the Arena magazine party not so long ago. If I got offered an acting role, I'd jump at the chance."

CATHERINE ZETA JONES: "I'm quite flattered when someone says I look like her. I met (her husband) Michael Douglas on the red carpet at the You Me And Dupree premiere. I didn't say anything cos I knew he'd have then gone, 'Who the heck's she?'. But I'd love to have said, 'Catherine is from the same town as me'. I've never met her, but I do think highly of her. I admire anyone who comes from Wales and does well."

CHARLOTTE CHURCH & GAVIN HENSON: "I've met her a few times. She's very talented and done extremely well. I've nothing against her. But Gavin is not my type. There are certain types of guys I like and Gavin really isn't one of them. There are a few good-looking Welsh rugby players though. I go to the matches and look at the programme and go, 'Ooh, he's nice!'. Justin Timberlake is my perfect man."

RUSSELL BRAND: "Russell and I had fun, but only for a few weeks. I didn't have sex with Russell. We had plenty of opportunities, but I didn't want to be another one of his girls. He's a lovely guy. We're still friends."

MR RIGHT: "If I ever meet a guy now, I wanna be sure and I want him to respect me. I just wanna be treated right, that's all. I come across a lot of 'players' in London who just have one thing on their minds. I'm not saying I want a full-on relationship; I just want someone who's gonna respect me."


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