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Thursday, 22nd February 2007


The Scotsman Wed 31 Jan 2007

Stars' dentist sues author who says he gave her 'gigantic teeth' and called him a liar


A NEW YORK dentist to the stars has sued the author of dating bible The Rules, claiming she tried to extort £51,000 from him after alleging he gave her "gigantic" teeth that led to the breakdown of her marriage and ruined her life.

Dr Larry Rosenthal, whose patients have reportedly included Catherine Zeta-Jones, Donald Trump and Bruce Springsteen, says Ellen Fein has defamed him by setting up a website that accuses him of being "a big fat liar". is a "forum for maliciously defaming Dr Rosenthal and interfering with his dental practice", his $5 million (£2.5 million) lawsuit claims.

Ms Fein says on the site that she first went to see the dentist in the mid-nineties, when she was making a string of TV appearances to promote her best-seller The Rules: Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr Right.

Dr Rosenthal's lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, said Ms Fein's claim of dissatisfaction was resolved in 1998.

However, the lawsuit alleges that Ms Fein barged into the dentist's office in Manhattan last February and "began to scream at him in front of an office filled with patients".

It claims that with the assistance of her lawyer, Ann McGrane, who is also named as a defendant, the author "sought to extort money from the plaintiffs".

If he did not hand over at least $100,000 (£51,000), "she would seek to disrupt and interfere with his practice, and ruin his professional and personal reputation", the suit alleges.

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1. deb / 7:08am 31 Jan 2007

if big teeth destroyed her marriage, she is no one to be instructing others in "Capturing the Heart of Mr Right."

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2. Scaramouche / 9:46am 31 Jan 2007

Had a look at her site. Jeez, but this woman knows how to go after a guy!

I hope I never meet a woman like this. My mistresses would all have heart attacks!

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3. Horrible Cankers, Dont know its too dark in here...whirs ma fags.... / 9:49am 31 Jan 2007 can do the 'fandango'!

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4. why can't I use my own name??? / 10:55am 31 Jan 2007

She's apparently cited 'abandonment' by her husband as her reason for filing for divorce. If I was him I'd have 'abandonded' her long ago. And, c'mon, her teeth aren't that bad! She should take a look at David Mellor's !!!

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5. lisa, perth / 12:16am 1 Feb 2007

Big teeth never hurt Bugs Bunny.

So, whats up Doc?

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6. Grampa / 5:15am 1 Feb 2007

I'm 85 years old. I've forgotten when I last had any teeth.

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