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Tony cries wolf

May 27 2007

Wales on Sunday


SIR ANTHONY Hopkins has signed up for a howler - a new movie about a fictional Welsh werewolf.

The Oscar-winning Silence of the Lambs star will appear in the eagerly anticipated remake of the original 1941 flick The Wolfman alongside fellow Academy Award holder Benicio Del Toro, who performed in Traffic with Catherine Zeta Jones and her hubby Michael Douglas.

The Port Talbot legend will play Sir John Talbot, the fictional lord of Talbot Castle in the town of Llanwelly, South Wales.

The gruesome tale begins by telling how Sir John welcomes his estranged son Larry (Del Toro) home to Wales from America, eager for them to make up for lost time.

But upon arriving in the Valleys, Larry visits a gypsy camp with village girl Jenny Williams, who is attacked by Bela, one of the Romany community who has turned into a werewolf.

Larry kills the beast but is bitten during the fight - and he is warned he will become a werewolf every full moon.

With the town menaced by the animal, Sir John joins a hunt and kills a werewolf only to have the creature revert to his son in death.

The film is set to be released across America and the UK next year.

Hopkins has already started larking around about on set by barking like a dog between takes.

The 69-year-old said: "Yeah, I bark. Yeah, it's just for fun, just to keep everyone happy because it gets pretty intense sometimes. People get too serious. It's only a movie. It's not the end of the world. So I bark like a dog just to entertain people. People say, 'What's that? There's a dog in here?'."


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