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Monday 23 July 2007 Hitwise
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Spy by Celia Walden

23 June 2007

Miss Catherine sends her regrets
Praise be...
Boy racer
Kate's vanity case
Mum's the word
Chauffeur came too
Miss Catherine sends her regrets

When Oscar-winning Hollywood star Catherine Zeta-Jones said she would like to star in a low-budget Welsh film, Hunky Dory, director Marc Evans was delighted.

So you can imagine his disappointment when, weeks before filming was due to begin in Zeta-Jones's native Swansea, Welsh-born Evans received a phone call from the 37-year-old actress informing him that she was unable to take part in the project after all.

Evans - who has been forced to postpone the start of filming this summer to find a replacement for Catherine - is trying to remain upbeat about the project, a musical in which Zeta-Jones would have played a music teacher.

"We lost Catherine about six weeks ago," he admits. "We just have to come to terms with it. It's a lot about what Catherine wants to do this summer, and with A-listers they wait until the last minute to weigh up their options. She liked the idea of the part and liked the idea of coming back to Swansea, but it was just one of those things."

Evans, whose film credits include the critically acclaimed horror film My Little Eye, adds that low-budget UK films don't seem to have the luxury of being able to guarantee the participation of top actors in advance. With a budget of around £1 million (a tiny sum in Hollywood terms) they are at the mercy of A-listers' fickle ways.

"It wasn't about the money," he insists. "Catherine was just right for the role. It's great when those worlds collide and it works, but when it doesn't, there's nothing you can do about it."
Praise be...

In the 1960s, Bianca Jagger, the glamorous first wife of Sir Mick, became renowned for her wild partying - famously arriving at New York's Studio 54 nightclub on horseback, led by a naked man.

Since then, Jagger has turned her attentions to loftier pursuits, working as a human rights campaigner and, more recently, with death-row prisoners in America.

Now, at the age of 57, Jagger tells me that she has found God, and has been regularly attending mass at the Brompton Oratory and Westminster Cathedral.

"I was brought up a Catholic in a convent in Nicaragua," she told Spy at the BP Portrait Prize, "but after having worked with prisoners on death row, I've come a lot closer to God and re-found my faith. They say, 'once a Catholic, always a Catholic', but this has all happened to me in the past few years."
Boy racer

Model and brewery heiress Jasmine Guinness as an old-fashioned approach to parenting.

"At my toy shop, Honeyjam, we sell all sorts of toys - but we do not sell computer games at all," she tells me at a party at Tramp nightclub for the Parknasilla Hotel Goffs Millions. "And at home with my two boys I am very strict."

That said, the beautiful face of the Goffs Millions Raceday thinks nothing of taking her six-year-old son for a spot of gambling.

"My eldest son, Jake, is obsessed with racing," she says. "He loves horses. I take him with me to the races and he often does quite well. Of course, I know he's not really meant to bet, but I only allow him to have one go, for a few pounds. Even just doing that, he always seems to win more often than I do - it's very annoying."
Kate's vanity case

Ever wondered how stars like Kate Beckinsale still manage to look impeccable at the end of a night out? The key, she says, is to take your make-up artist everywhere you go.

At the after-party for Live Free or Die Hard at Circ, I was surprised to spot Kate break off every few minutes from dancing with her husband (director Len Wiseman) to have her make-up touched up by a man with a vanity case standing quietly in the corner.

"He's my make-up artist," she tells me. "I take him everywhere with me. He's fantastic but no, he doesn't do my husband, too."

The make-up artist in question, a dapper chap with the unlikely name of Basilicus, confirms that the two are inseparable.

"We've been together for five-and-a-half years and I go everywhere with her," he says proudly. "We're the perfect couple: that woman's so beautiful, she's enough to turn a gay man straight."
Mum's the word

Photos of Formula One prodigy Lewis Hamilton have filled the nation's papers in recent weeks. But what of the 22-year-old star's publicity-shy mother?

Mystery surrounds the reasons why, after living with his divorced mother, Carmen, until the age of 10, Hamilton then chose to move in with his father, Anthony. Even more mystifying, perhaps, is why Carmen entered a local radio competition earlier this month to try to win grand prix tickets to watch her son compete.
Chauffeur came too

Sir Mick Jagger's first wife, Bianca, may have given up partying in favour of a more godly existence but Lizzy Jagger - the Rolling Stone's first daughter with second wife Jerry Hall - seems to take an altogether more hedonistic approach to life.

"Lizzy and three buddies have gone down to Glastonbury for the festival," I'm told. "She had a car come and fetch them in London on Thursday and drive them all the way down to Somerset. Then she had another car follow them down with all their camping equipment. It's on a par with David Cameron having a driver follow him on his bike with his briefcase in the back of the car."

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