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Zeta-Jones was 'terrified' of cooking!

From our ANI Correspondent

London, July 27: Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones might be playing a first-class chef in her latest movie, but the actress confessed that in real life she is a bit of a flop when it comes to culinary skills.

Catherine, who plays a chef in 'No Reservations,' revealed that she had a very "intimidating" experience while researching for her part in a busy Manhattan restaurant.

"It was very intimidating. I was terrified I was going to cut myself or burn myself. But I started off slicing, chopping, dicing and sauteing, and in a few days I felt a lot more comfortable," the Mirror quoted her, as saying.

"I am in the kitchen every day - well, just walking through it. My husband said that this role was the biggest stretch I've ever had as an actress because it puts me in the kitchen," she added.

The 34-year-old actress said that apart from learning a few cooking skills, she also picked up a rather bizarre crush.

"There's something very sexy about a man in an apron, clothes on or off. Come on, we all fantasise about a naked guy in a pinny when all you see is his little tush leaning over a stove," she said.


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