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Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Plastic Surgery Secret: Breast Implants?

Posted on July 27th, 2007 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Jet H. Ross
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Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Wednesday appearance on the David Letterman Show in a scintillating golden mini skirt that boasted decidedly larger-looking breasts renewed rumors that the Welsh actress may have gotten breast implants.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Breast Implants, AugmentationMake Me Heal first reported on this breast augmentation rumor in January of this year when the 37-year old actress was seen on the beaches of St. Barts in a skimpy two-piece swimsuit that revealed strikingly larger breasts than the ones she sported in previous years. While Zeta-Jones’s breasts appear to have grown in volume by at least one cup size or more relative to photos of her seven or eight years ago, the change in breast size may be attributed to her weight gain over the last few years and from having two children.

Moreover, Christine Zeta-Jones’s breasts do not have the typical tell-tale signs of breast implants which are round and upright. Some pictures of Zeta-Jones actually show that she has moderate sagging in her breasts, which would rule out a recent boob job.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Breast Implants, AugmentationOn the other hand, some insiders insist that Zeta-Jones had a boob job in the past and that her weight gain over the years alone could not explain the considerable gain in breast volume that she experienced. London-based Plastic surgeon Apostolos Gaitanis claims that Zeta-Jones had a breast augmentation in spite of her having packed on some pounds. “There is a considerable difference in the volume of the breasts. She has put weight on over the years but it looks suspiciously like she has had breast augmentation because the breasts are full and have more volume.” Dr. Gaitanis added that “they look firmer and project to the front. They are very full, which is a sign of a boob job”.

Catherine Zeta Jones dropped a few dress sizes in the last few months, claiming to have gone on a crash diet and exercise regime to shed the pounds. Zeta-Jones previously told how she “ate for Wales” while pregnant with her first son Dylan, now six, putting on 50lbs. The star denies having had any plastic surgery, although it is rumored (and pretty obvious to us) that she had a blepharoplasty (eye lift) in 2001 and that she had previously had her nose done. Moreover, Zeta-Jones flawless and wrinkle-free face suggests use of dermal injection fillers such as Botox, Restylane, or Juvederm and potential potential laser skin procedures and chemical peels.

Sizing up Catherine Zeta-Jones after all her alleged enhancements, she remains a naturally beautiful woman whose work, if any, is subtle and well done. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about her husband Michael Douglas’s facelift, whose surgery results are disappointing.

Pic source: Daily Mail

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