Wednesday March 07 2007
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Home : Features : Movies : “No Reservations“ Fails to Appetize Critics

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“No Reservations“ Fails to Appetize Critics
Written by: Jacob Gordon

Hollywood latest romantic comedy is a dud.

Last Friday’s major movie release was, of course, "The Simpsons Movie," but the romantic comedy "No Reservations," starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart, was also much advertised. The movie is yet another Hollywood remake of a foreign film, in this case a German comedy called "Mostly Martha" (2001); Zeta-Jones plays an uptight, perfectionist New York chef that Eckhart, who comes to work in her kitchen, loosens up over the course of the movie.

The critical response to the remake has been less than enthusiastic. Stephanie Zacharek, of Salon, writes, “Sometimes movies make sense in a logical way; sometimes they make only emotional sense. "No Reservations" makes no damned sense at all…there's something a little insulting about the movie's premise to begin with: It suggests that a woman who's good at her job, and who takes pride and pleasure in it, must necessarily have some glaring lack that needs to be filled. That's not the same as suggesting that we all get lonely sometimes, that we're designed to want and need someone to love…Remind me again why anyone should trek out to see a mainstream romantic comedy anymore?”

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