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Zeta-Jones has a 'mouth like a truck driver'!

From our ANI Correspondent

Washington, Aug 28: Welsh star Catherine Zeta-Jones admits that she has the bad habit of using a lot of swear words when she's taking.

And, she blames her Welsh roots for this.

"I'm from Wales, I have a mouth like a truck driver," Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.

As a result, Zeta-Jones has to constantly mind what she is saying, especially in the company of her two young children with American actor Michael Douglas.

The Oscar winning star recently admitted that preparing for her role in her most recent movie 'No Reservations' was "pretty terrifying", as she had to wait on tables - something she had never done in her life.

Zeta-Jones spent time working in a restaurant to prepare for her performance as perfectionist chef Kate in the romantic comedy, and quickly realised that she had a lot to learn.

"I went out on the floor, which was really pretty terrifying because I've never been a waitress," she said.

"I know that other actresses have but I've never been out there before and I started screwing up my lines and forgetting what sauce it was," she added.


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