Who's Your Daddy? We Call Indiana Jones!

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Dwayne Johnson (Game Plan), Catherine Zeta-Jones (No Reservations), Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones)

The Game Plan, which opens this weekend, and this past summer's No Reservations fall into a strange, and strangely appealing, film subgenre.

Call it enforced parenthood.

These are the movies where an adorable kid appears out of nowhere forcing a successful workaholic—who is always single, self-absorbed and childless—to reschedule, reprioritize and eventually change for the better. In The Game Plan the Rock's a single-minded football player, and Reservations' Catherine Zeta-Jones is a single-minded chef.

Growing up, this has been one of our favorite genres. We've sat through the good (Baby Boom), the bad (Getting Even with Dad) and the dog (yes, Turner and Hooch counts). And no matter how well our parents treated us, we couldn't help but dream of stumbling upon a fabulous new parent. Being swept away and incessantly spoiled all while accompanied by a catchy soundtrack seemed awesome.

In fact, it still does.

So, whose doorstep did we want to show up on? Without a doubt, the one belonging to Indiana Jones. We thought he'd be a great parent, and he could certainly use a kid, especially now that Short Round is out of the picture. And Indy definitely got around enough over the course of the trilogy to make it happen.

However, all this TV-induced nostalgia is not enough to actually make us purchase a ticket for The Game Plan. The very thought of a kid showing up out of nowhere to turn us into caring, sensitive adults is absolutely terrifying.

But it is nice to know that this same dream will continue to be passed on to future generations. The Rock even looks like he'd make a fun imaginary dad.

We can't be the only weird ones who felt this way. You tell us whom you would have liked to have had for a parent, and we promise not to laugh.

  • Posted by Jennifer Cady on Fri, Sep 28, 2007, 4:38 PM
Photo by: Ron Phillips/Disney Enterprises, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Paramount Pictures

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