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23 November 2007
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12 November 2007
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20 November 2007
Two More Films Stricken By The Strike
Nine and Shantaram are delayed
Source: Variety

Two More Films Stricken By The Strike
If Empire ran Hollywood (and oh, how things would be different if we did), we would resolve the Writers’ Strike immediately. Like, now. In fact, yesterday. We’d give the writers whatever they want because movies are now beginning to drop like flies.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Ron Howard’s Da Vinci Code sequel, Angels & Demons, and Oliver Stone’s return to ‘Nam, Pinkville, had both been pushed back. There are also rumours that George Miller’s Justice League Of America movie might be postponed due to lack of a shooting script.

And today, two more movies became casualties of the strike.

First up is Mira Nair’s adaptation of the novel, Shantaram, which was set to shoot in India come February with Johnny Depp on board as a drug addict who escapes from prison and heads to Bombay, where he pretends to be a doctor. It’s not certain if Depp, who’s also producing, will make another movie now that he has an unexpected window in his schedule.

And then Rob Marshall’s latest musical, Nine, starring Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Marion Cotillard has also been pushed back, from a March date to the second half of 2008. It’s the second blow for Nine in a week, after Catherine Zeta-Jones left the movie in an unrelated move.

Both films were delayed because the shooting scripts weren’t ready. Eric Roth is the Shantaram writer, while Anthony Minghella was the most recent script doctor to work on Nine, completing just three days of a polish on Michael Tolkin’s script before the picket lines went up.

So there you go. Is Hollywood finally getting the message and realising that writers are quite important in the grand scheme of things after all? Possibly – or perhaps studios are going to dig their heels in for a while and try not to worry as their late 2008/2009 slates fall apart around their ears.

But as more films get pushed back, or even cancelled altogether, we’re hopeful that studios will be galvanised into ending this thing sooner rather than later by giving the writers what they want.
Tom Ambrose

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Your Comments
Icelandicwolf... have you written anything I might have seen? ... Read More

CameronJames About me

13:25, 20 November 2007 | Report This Post
I just want them to strike long enough to somehow bury JLA forever (at least in it's current incarnation) Or maybe just a tactical missile stike on Geroge Miller. Hmmm... food for thought indeed... ... Read More

Bowl of Wrong About me

13:13, 20 November 2007 | Report This Post
fakeshemp. the writers strike is mainly about credit where credit is a writer I am all for the strike, but as a viewer i am sad to see films being dropped...with the possible exception of demons and angels! Holywood will not give us what we want, cause then they would have to admit we are important, and that will never ever happen. ... Read More

icelandicwolf About me

11:25, 20 November 2007 | Report This Post
RE: Typical Hollywood
It's a real shame about Shantaram - Johnny Depp with Amitabh Bachan and Mira Nair would have been incredible. Hope when the strike is resolved that the project doesn't fall apart completely... ... Read More

playaslaya About me

09:49, 20 November 2007 | Report This Post
Typical Hollywood
Greedy as Sin, why don't they just give the writer's what they ask, they are too important, and i'd swap one Alan Ball or Charlie Kaufmann's for a hundred Uwe Boll's or Paul W.S. Anderson's ... Read More

fakeshemp About me

09:18, 20 November 2007 | Report This Post

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