Catherine Zeta-Jones Gets A Little Greedy


CZJ was set to play Claudia in the movie adaptation of the hit Broadway musical ‘Nine’, but since director Rob Marshall wouldn’t make her role bigger, she decided to drop out.

The musical, a Federico Fellini’s 1963 classic, includes a star-filled cast: Javier Bardem as Guido, Sophia Loren as Guido’s mother, Penelope Cruz as his mistress Carla, and Marion Cotillard as Luisa Contini. So it is a real shame that Catharine dropped out because Marshal wouldn’t make her character more prominent in the story.

A source claims, “Catherine asked if [writer] Michael Tolkin could enlarge her part. But Marshall reportedly told her that it’s an ensemble story and always has been.”

But a friend of CJZ confesses that, “She was never 100% committed to ‘Nine.’ She had a meeting with Rob. She’d love to work with him again. But she felt she’d done the same sort of role in ‘Chicago.’ The script wasn’t an issue.”

Now that she’s off the project, the role is said to go to a younger actress. The ladies under consideration include: Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler, Keira Knightley and Kate Hudson.


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Comment by Missy
2007-11-21 15:00:07

I’m sure she don’t need the money, but for someone who hasn’t been in a movie in a while, I’d think she wouldn’t be so demanding.

Comment by fjiehls
2007-11-22 07:25:06

She is so gorgeous. I have seen her photo on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named Many men winked at her there.

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