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Spring Hairstyles Get Fresh

UPDATED: 9:38 am PST February 8, 2008

Its easy to let your hairstyle slide during the winter.

For many women, itís a time to let hair grow a little longer, skip a trim here or there and generally give their hair less attention. The good news is that spring is just around the corner, so this is the perfect time to break your bad hair habits and start something new.

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The Basic Bob

"Bobs are back," said Michelle Jindrich, stylist at Salon Evolve in Gresham, Ore.

Look to Hollywood for some of the hottest styles of this versatile haircut. Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and Rihanna are all wearing sleek bobs, while other celebs opt for bobbed waves that emulate 1940s styles.

These bobs are different than those bowl-cut styles of your childhood.

"Look for textured hair with some waves, and more voluminous, rounded bobs," said Jindrich.

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"A-line styles work on many different face shapes," she said.

An A-line cut is one with a blunt edge that is the same length in the front as in the back. Think Catherine Zeta Jones in "Chicago" with more length.

However, combining a chin-length bob with thick bangs can make the face look more full, something many women don't want.

"Sweep your bangs to the side for a classy, polished look," said Jindrich, or aim for a thinner fringe.

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Styling Tips

"Use a round brush while blow-drying for a sleek look," said Jindrich.

A round brush with a barrel bigger than 2.5 inches will help smooth your hair while also providing body and volume throughout. These brushes can be found in a variety of styles, with natural or plastic, round-tip bristles. Some are even vented to decrease drying time.

"Get a good volumizing shampoo. It'll give you the most body when using a round brush," said Jindrich.

Use a shine-enhancing hair product to increase impact and consider a light application of hairspray to prevent flyaways.

All About Color

Color is coming back strong this spring. Gone are those delicate highlights and all-over color of last year.

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"Expect stronger highlights," said Jindrich. "They'll be chunkier this spring, and streaks will be more pronounced."

"Blond tones will be warmer and richer," she said. "Consider honey and caramel."

Warm, rich browns will be complimented by dimension-adding streaks. Blondes will get away from platinums and opt for golden tones that'll be more complimentary to natural skin tones.

Wedding & Prom Styles

Wedding and prom season isn't far away. Though updos can always be found, this spring, look for softer, unstructured looks.

"Wearing hair down will be really popular this year," said Jindrich. "Try curls and loose waves that cascade over the shoulders."

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For those women who like wearing updos, try backcombing to increase volume at the crown of the head and pull the hair up in a clip. Loose waves can finish the look for a romantic, elegant look.

If you have a bob, just try 1940s-inspired waves with a decorative haircomb or consider a less-traditional Russian netting blusher veil for a classic touch.

"Less formal hair looks great when accented with an antique hair piece or comb adorned in jewels or pearls," said Jindrich.

Look to antique brooches and heirloom jewelry for inspiration.

Styling Tips For Men

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Men's hairstyles go through trend cycles, too.

"This spring, men's hair gets shorter." Said Jindrich.

"Expect more clean-edged, piecey haircuts," she said. "Those long, haphazardous styles of last fall are getting a trim."

Hair care for men can be a challenge. Their scalps are thicker and produce more oil than women's, leading to flakes, irritation and itchiness. Because of this, men should look for shampoo that cleans product residue without overdrying and consider using an oil-based treatment in the shower.

Hair products that'll work well with these styles include pomade, gel and hairspray, but they should always be used sparingly.

On Beauty

Spring is full of bright, beautiful colors. Why shouldn't your spring color palette be?

"Brighter shades of color are big for spring," said Jindrich.

"Look for eye-popping purples and lots of pinks," she said. "Peach tones will be big for lips when using brights on the eyes."

Cheeks will get more notice as well. Expect to see brighter pinks and rosier hues streaked across the cheeks. Shimmer will highlight the cheekbones and draw attention to the eyes and browline.

A good rule of thumb when using color: If you go dramatic or bright on your eyes, make sure to be subtle with your lip color. If you want dramatic lips, aim for neutral tones on your eyes.

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