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Catherine Zeta Jones looks crazy at the golf

catherine_zetajones.jpgOK, so she's playing golf: a fashion black hole at the best of times.

And having a, ahem, considerably older husband probably means your style parameters are different to your peers'.

And I quite like the hat.

But Catherine, if you please, what is with the skirt? The ankle socks are fair enough - you are, after all, playing a sport. But where in the rule book does it say women have to wear skirts that make them look a) Like someone's mum and b) Like their legs are 10 inches too short?

Actually, for all I know that is in the rule book, golf not being known for its enlightened attitude towards women.

When I was at school I played netball for the sole reason that I liked the little pleated skirt. Conversely, surely having to wear such a wrong-in-every-way item is reason enough to drop the golf? I'm sure Michael would understand.

And if he doesn't, offer to take up Crown Green Bowling with him.

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And why not? She takes it over of her Father.
It's a beautiful sport.

Posted by: EROWA | February 13, 2008 5:20 PM

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