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Belly-dancing Catherine Zeta-Jones's mesmerising turn in new Houdini film

Last updated at 14:09pm on 12th February 2008

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Catherine Zeta-Jones has cast her magic over a new film based on famous escape artist Harry Houdini.

The actress, who wears a bejewelled, belly-baring outfit in one scene, plays a psychic who has an affair with the magician in the upcoming 1920s biopic Death Defying Acts.

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Dancing queen: Catherine Zeta-Jones in her upcoming film Death Defying Act

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Mind over matter: Catherine plays a psychic who has an affair with Harry Houdini

She stars alongside former Neighbours actor turned Hollywood star Guy Pearce, who plays Hungarian born Houdini, who is widely regarded as the greatest ever escapologist.

Catherine, who has admitted she has to work hard to stay in shape, proudly puts her curves on display in the film.

She has revealed she keeps svelte by exercising and avoiding her weakness - bread.

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The eyes have it: bejewelled Catherine works her charm

Chemistry: Catherine with costar Guy Pearce, who plays the famed escapologist

While in the past she was a "bread girl... I love bread," but now, "I'm just working out and not chomping down what I usually chomp down."

The star, who has two children Dylan, 7, and Carys, 4, to husband Michael Douglas, has long been vocal about Hollywood's obsession with size zero.

"There are many women [who are] maybe a little fragile, and it becomes a huge issue."

Death Defying Acts is expected to be released in the UK later this year.

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She is a real beauty, perfect in every way. I have enjoyed all of her movies.

- Carole Haynes, Destin, Florida

Catherine is a GODDESS, absolutely the most beautiful woman in film today! Flawless perfection!

- Skepticus, Hollywood, CA

Carla - Why a curvier actress? Why does everyone criticise celebs for their looks? Just because she isn't curvy does not mean she isn't suitable for the role? I think she is a good influence and a great role model despite everyones thoughts on her lack of curves.

- Hannah, Surrey, UK

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