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Sunday 2 March

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Belly-dancing Catherine Zeta-Jones

Marie Claire celebrity news: Catherine Zeta-Jones

She proved she could dance with the best of them with her Oscar-winning turn in Chicago and now Catherine Zeta-Jones is out to prove her belly-dancing is as polished as her high kicks in the forthcoming Houdini biopic, Death Defying Acts.

Playing a psychic who has an affair with the magician during the 1920s, Catherine stars opposite Guy Pearce as Houdini – the world's most famous escapologist.

Released in the UK later this year, this early picture shows Michael Douglas's wife looking as bodylicious as usual. Anyone else think belly dancing's on course to be 2008's trendiest fitness class?

Wednesday 13 February 2008

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I'm sure, it will be a large success. Larger then Chicago. She's a great, brilliant and superb actress. My compliments.
Comment by EROWA on February 13 08:55

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