You Must Be This Tall to Ride Ms. Zeta-Jones

Danny DeVito was strolling Madison Avenue in NYC yesterday, when he stumbled upon a billboard of Catherine Zeta-Jones, wife of his good pal, Michael Douglas.

The billboard might have given Danny an idea for a "Twins" sequel.

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1. 1

Posted at 9:35PM on Feb 21st 2008 by dubfire

2. Awe, DeVito is a doll! That was funny! Zeta is a lota woman! :)

Posted at 9:36PM on Feb 21st 2008 by Kelli

3. It looks like he's a munckin that popped out of her cleavage and has absolutely no effin clue how the heck he got there... ahahahahah

Posted at 9:38PM on Feb 21st 2008 by cohen007

4. thats a lot of woman ther

Posted at 9:39PM on Feb 21st 2008 by JM




Posted at 9:44PM on Feb 21st 2008 by NUMbnuts

6. She is definitly a woman to look up to. No short jokes!

Posted at 9:46PM on Feb 21st 2008 by Kelli


Posted at 9:58PM on Feb 21st 2008 by Robert

8. Could that have been any funnier? DeVito is a tropper.

Posted at 10:11PM on Feb 21st 2008 by T

9. She's 18 years younger than Michael Douglas and does she look good.

Posted at 11:32PM on Feb 21st 2008 by Lenn K.

10. Imagine waking up to that billboard every morning.

Posted at 11:47PM on Feb 21st 2008 by wasted days and wasted nights

11. Hey Danny one more limoncello!

Posted at 12:09AM on Feb 22nd 2008 by One more

12. If Demi is the "Granny bride", then Michael Douglas is the "Grampa Groom". Katherine, WHY DON'T YOU HAVE SOME SELF RESPECT FOR YOURSELF AND COVER UP??? You are a mother now.. I don't look forward to seeing all the women try to out do each other for the SLUT OF THE NIGHT award and have those like "Cojo" fawn all over them... Bring back Joan and Melissa Rivers....

Posted at 12:26AM on Feb 22nd 2008 by Jayne

13. When did she get breast implants? I don't remember her being that busty in 'The Mask of Zorro', and her earlier films...
If you see those movies, she's pretty small.
Still pretty, no matter how old she really is.

Posted at 12:48AM on Feb 22nd 2008 by Sweet

14. #13 Jayne....are you bananas??? She is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Her hubby is a HOT old guy. "slut of the night?"....are you jealous? Good god, what sort of pig wants to "bring back Joan ans Melissa Rivers"???

Posted at 1:50AM on Feb 22nd 2008 by whynot

15. I suppose many a man wished themselfs short to have the excuse of being at cleavage level with a woman ...I mean eye level

Posted at 6:28AM on Feb 22nd 2008 by Cat

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