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Superstar opts for the casual look as she returns to the city by the sea

Catherine Zeta-Jones was sporting an off-duty designer look as she visited Swansea yesterday.

Wearing what looked like Prada sunglasses – oversized, naturally – despite the overcast day, she nonetheless buttoned up in a zip-up black leather jacket.

A charcoal cashmere scarf gave added protection from the Welsh winter weather, which must have been a shock compared to Bermuda, where the star now lives with her husband and kids.

That same weather explains the subtly tanned skin and healthy glow which allowed Catherine to opt for the natural look with her barely-there make-up.

Untamed by a salon visit, her hair was left to the elements and fell around her face in curls like we haven’t seen since The Darling Buds of May.

She couldn’t resist a bit of bling though, with her hand bearing a ring featuring a large jewel.

And, of course, no self-respecting A-lister could be seen without a designer bag, which in this case looks like a Jimmy Choo number, Catherine’s shoe brand of choice.

There’s no way this outfit could be described as risky – the 38-year-old often dresses older than her years, and has us itching to bundle her into this season’s hottest colour (fuchsia) or even a pair of fashionable flared jeans.

But at least she’s not flashing her knickers like some of her contemporaries.