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ABOVE: Nadine Coyle
28th February 2008

By The Goss Girls

BLISTERING sunshine, A-listers bumping into you in the muesli aisle at Trader Joe’s… there are many reasons to move to LA.

But as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kate Beckinsale will tell you, nothing quite matches bagging your own Hollywood beau.

So it’s with great interest that we bring you news of Girls Aloud sizzlepot Nadine Coyle, 22, and her friendship with Tinseltown’s most eligible bachelor, Josh Hartnett, 29.

Our spies tell us it was most fortuitous Nadine lost her passport and was unable to jet to the UK for the Brits last week because she met up with Josh.

“All Hollywood is talking about Josh and the pretty Irish girl,” said one of our moles.

Every cloud has a silver lining and although Nadine was in tears to have missed her band’s big reunion, catching Hartnett’s eye tinged her despondency with a hefty dollop of joy.

The pair were spotted chatting over drinks well into the early hours of the morning at Blanco 101, a temporary Oscar haunt in the Westside Hills.

Our source added: “Not everyone here knows Girls Aloud so people were trying to work out who this stunning girl was.

“They’d been spotted at Blanco 101, chatting and mooning over a few drinks until the early hours.”

Can we just point out that “mooning” in this instance should be taken in the American sense of being soppy… they weren’t baring their buttocks over cocktails.

So when Nadine cut a lonely figure at Sir Elton John’s annual Oscars bash, she was safe in the knowledge that she’d lassoed quite the catch.

Hartnett has been like the well-stuffed rabbit at the front  of a particularly competitive greyhound race since he split from Scarlett Johansson, 23.

Bruce Willis’ girl Rumer, 19, Rihanna, 20, Kirsten Dunst, 25, and, gulp, Courtney Love, 43, have all expressed an interest or been linked to him.

But it looks like Nadine has won his Hart.

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