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Catherine Zeta-Jones vs. Ali Larter: Who's Hotter In HDTV?
TVPredictions.com sets out to discover which female star stands the test of crystal-clear HD.
Washington, D.C. (March 6, 2008) -- Okay, who looks the hottest in high-def? Catherine Zeta-Jones or Ali Larter of Heroes.

In round one of the LCD division of HDTV Hottie Hysteria -- our first annual elimination tournament to determine the hottest female star in high-def -- we pit Zeta-Jones  (third seed in the LCD division) against Larter (sixth seed).

(To learn more about our tournament -- and see past results -- click
Hottie Hysteria.)

Zeta-Jones (above), the star of such films as Traffic and Zorro, was once said to be so sexy in high-def that even the hyphen between Zeta and Jones looked good.

But Larter (above), the star of NBC's Heroes, has become a darling of bloggers on the Net.

So cast your vote below! The winner will play Maria Sharapova, who defeated Lindsay Lohan to advance.
Final Poll Results:

Catherine Zeta-Jones -- 55 percent
Ali Larter -- 45 percent

Total votes cast -- 1,514

And come back to TVPredictions.com every day for a new match-up in HDTV Hottie Hysteria!

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