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Quiz Of The Week

1. X Factor judge Simon Cowell said he turned down a £1million offer to front an ad campaign for which medical product?

2. Little Britain star David Walliams and Olympic rower James Cracknell swam which stretch of water for Sport Relief?

3. Which Oscar-winning British beauty claimed she is too old to land sexy roles?

4. Which 27-year-old heiress has turned to guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh for spiritual advice?

5. PM Gordon Brown sent his best wishes to which Arsenal star after his horrific leg break?

6. Which veteran British rocker was the target of a Hell's Angels assassination plot, according to a radio documentary?

7. Which TV chef agreed to cook for UK troops in Afghanistan?

8. Which emergency service in Scotland went on strike for the first time?

9. Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon launched a drive urging Scots to sign up for what?

10. Which actor revealed he has pancreatic cancer?

11. A guest kept which veteran pop singer awake in a Sydney hotel by blasting music all night?

12. Which Hollywood actress auctioned a night out with her at a movie premiere on eBay?

13. Scots tourists were warned to be on their guard after a case of rabies was confirmed in which European country?

14. Name the ET actress who donated £500,000 to help fight global hunger.

15. According to a study, British youngsters are growing up faster with childhood ending at what age?

16. Which team ended Celtic's Champions League dream?

17. Which teenage royal featured in a fashion shoot for Tatler magazine?

18. Who announced he will step down as Northern Ireland's First Minister in May?

19. With which actor did Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri co-host a belated Burns supper?

20. A hexapus - a six-legged octopus - is on show at the SeaLife centre in which holiday town?


1. Viagra. 2. The Strait of Gibraltar. 3. Catherine Zeta-Jones. 4. Paris Hilton. 5. Eduardo. 6. Mick Jagger. 7. Jamie Oliver. 8. Coastguards. 9. Organ donation. 10. Patrick Swayze. 11. Rod Stewart. 12. Scarlett Johansson. 13. France. 14. Drew Barrymore. 15. 11. 16. Barcelona. 17. Princess Eugenie. 18. Rev Ian Paisley. 19. Ewan McGregor. 20. Blackpool.