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Zeta-Jones flirts, shines at conference

Monday Mar 10 12:00 AEDT

By Rajeshni Naidu

Catherine Zeta-Jones says she's too old to play sexy roles, but apparently that doesn't extend to press conferences.

Looking every bit the screen goddess at a Sydney Opera House press briefing today, the 38-year-old flirted with radio host Merrick Watts as he declared his love for her.

"Sit down for God's sake ... I'm a married woman," she said when Watts stood up to admire her at the press conference for her upcoming film Death Defying Acts.

Wearing a curve-hugging magenta dress, while her co-stars wore casual jeans, Zeta-Jones lapped up the attention.

"I'm coming back here," she said after 20 minutes of compliments from reporters about her looks.

Nova's Watts was also treated to a kiss from the siren after he presented her with a box of Cadbury Roses and flowers.

Even co-star Guy Pearce, who plays Harry Houdini in the movie, got into the banter about the actress' looks, pretending some of the compliments were aimed at him.

Zeta-Jones said she had enjoyed playing mother to 12-year-old Saoirse Ronan's character in the movie.

"I'm actually really lucky these other roles have come along where I can play a mother ... this is actually my first daughter in a movie and I have the very the best of the best."

"You'll be seeing a lot more of me … I'm not going to be playing old grannies anytime soon."

The film, directed by Australian Gillian Armstrong, premieres tonight at the State Theatre in Sydney.

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