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Catherine Zeta-Jones the fight groupie joins A-list heavyweights in the crowd for compatriot Calzaghe's big fight

Last updated at 01:34am on 22nd April 2008

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Hollywood star Catherine Zeta-Jones showed off her national pride in Las Vegas over the weekend, cheering on her fellow Welsh countryman Joe Calzaghe as he boxed his way to victory.

With bright yellow daffodil pinned to her dress and a Welsh flag draped around her shoulders, the actress could barely contain her excitement as the "Pride of Wales" took on American boxer Bernard Hopkins.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Joe Calzaghe fight

Full gamut of emotions: Catherine Zeta-Jones' face shows the highs and lows as she watches Joe Calzaghe knocked to the ground only to get up and win his fight in Las Vegas

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She was joined by a who's who roll call of A-list stars, including Tom Jones, sang his homeland's national anthem, Land Of My Fathers, before the 36-year-old entered the ring in front of more than 14,000 fans.

Tom said: "To be singing on behalf of Joe is a privilege."

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Joe Calzaghe fight

Patriotic: the actress arrived with a Welsh flag draped around her shoulders

Former action heroes Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis were also lined up to watch Calzaghe flex his muscle.

Reality television king Simon Cowell took a front row seat as did Topshop boss Sir Philip Green.

Other ringside stars included music impresario Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, 007 'Jaws' Richard Kiel, television host Cat Deeley, rapper Jay-Z, R&B star Brandy, actors Chris Tucker and James Belushi and tennis champion Pete Sampras.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Joe Calzaghe fight

Heavyweight: Planet Hollywood owner Robert Earl, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sir Philip Green, Sly Stallone, Simon Cowell, Bruce Willis with girlfriend actress Emma Heming, plus Tom Jones and Arnold Schwarzenegger sitting behind

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After the fight Joe, joined by his model girlfriend of four years, Jo-Emma Lavin and children Connor and Joe, celebrated his victory at Planet Hollywood hotel and casino on Vegas' famous Strip.

Joe said: "I think we've proved tonight that Britain is at the top when it comes to boxing. I'll enjoy a nice beer or two and definitely spend time with the family."

He recovered from a first-round knockdown to defeat Hopkins by split decision in a light heavy-weight bout in Las Vegas on Saturday.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Tom Jones Joe Calzaghe fight

National pride: Tom Jones, Catherine Zeta-Jones share a moment with Joe Calzaghe

Action men: Bruce Willis and Sly Stallone bond while Sir Philip Green watches on

Calzaghe was awarded the bout on two of the three judge's scorecards, with him winning it 115-112, 116-111, 113-114.

He showed little of his famed prodigious punch output in the first couple of rounds, as Hopkins gained the early initiative and knocked the Welshman down in the first round.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Joe's father Enzo Calzaghe

Supporters: Catherine joins Joe's father Enzo Calzaghe after the match

Joe Calzaghe and family

Family time: Joe with his girlfriend Jo-Emma Lavin and children Connor and Joe

By the third round, however, Calzaghe had become more active, looking to trap Hopkins in the corner or against the ropes and then unleash flurries of punches and his work rate counted for him in the end.

"It was one of the toughest fights of my career," said Calzaghe.

"He is very clever. He was so awkward. It wasn't pretty, but I won the fight. It wasn't my best night, but I know I won."

Packing a punch: Calzaghe throws a staright right as Hopkins covers up

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Congratulations Joe.

- Mary, Enniskillen

For once, a British sportsman to be proud of. Well done Joe.

- Carrie, Canterbury, England

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