Cosmetic surgery and the "Sarkozy Effect"
25 April 2008

Cosmetic Surgery is becoming more popular amongst men. In particular middle aged men who plan on marrying for a second time. Perhaps men have been influenced by the high profile marriages of Michael Douglas to Catherine Zeta Jones who is 25 years his junior and French President Nicolas Sarkozy to the beautiful, younger Carla Bruni. This has led the cosmetic surgery industry to dub the trend the "Sarkozy Effect".

There has been a significant increase in surgical and non surgical treatments for men. Chin lifts, eye surgery and face lifts are more popular than ever amongst forty or fifty year old males. Figures recently released report that 20% of all Botox patients are now men. Many of these men are wanting to rejuvenate themselves to please their younger partners. Simon Cowell has recently admitted to having Botox injections himself.

Cosmetic Surgery in figures:

Botox up 57%
Male Chest Reduction up 47%
Chin Lifts up 44%
Microdermabrasion up 43%
Eyebag removal up 25%

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